Sounds kind of funny, but true to say that in the future we will be creating our future. Will we download our jobs? I mean more and more people are working at home aren’t they? I could see the next wave of employ- ment back that is unless you were being downloaded by your boss simultaneously. Weird!

Influential designer Manual Larenil details eight humbling, yet realistic lessons she’s learned in the past ten years. More self-help than design tutorial, this Medium post introduces essential truths that can help all of us create better work.

Creatives Take Apart

Most of us have been educated to think exclusively which means we think in deficit by focusing our attention on specific information and excluding all else. In these instances,exclusive thinking leads us to neglect poten- tially important pieces of the puzzle.Exclusive thinking doesn’t merely inhibit irrelevant facts and perceptions. It can also smother the imagination.

  • In this case, we take the principle of going around the world and create a mini-world.
  • Break out of his stereotypical notion of a subject as a continuous whole and to discover.
  • Creatives problem was too biased toward his usual way of seeing things.
  • Creative adaptation have a much greater chance of increasing reader engagement.

You need, in short, a better destination. So we'll now round up some of the best blogs around, for a burst of informed and intelligent graphic design inspiration. Thanks to everyone at Creative Boom and Shillington for helping to put this one together.

Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.

The Final Conclusion

Countless studies have shown that yoga offers mental and physical benefits, including better health, increased strength and flexibility, reduce stress, depression and anxiety. And the best thing is, you don’t need special training, clothing or equipment to do it. Anyone can fit in a short yoga routine in your office, and there are plenty of videos to walk you through one on YouTube.

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Jonathan Morrison

Nice to see your blog post! I am a multi-faceted Swiss graphic designer who is also a photographer, writer, published poet, dancer and a licensed nurse.


Marques Brownlee

I am impassioned with working with people, learning and using my different media of art to convey, share and give expression to their stories.


Jonathan Morrison

It seemed too good to be true so much so that I had to research if it was a scam! That same night, I would save up and take one of the full-time courses the next year.


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